Is Control The Meaning In Life?



What is the real & the absolute meaning of life or what is really present as a meaning in life? This question had annoyed lots of philosophers as well as theologians but, had never been answered with the satisfactory rule of conduct & the people who have tried to answer such kinds of questions have never given the proper explanation of their answers on the basis of linguistic & scientific manner, so far established! Let’s try to figure out that why we really need to find the answer of that question & how can we explain the actual phenomena of existence & the control involved in a very simple & easy-to-understand etiquette.


When we start to talk on the concept of life of humans then, we are unable to ignore the reality of human existence or the starting point of the life. Everything has its own existence & effect on the surroundings but, the question arises when we have to prove the validity & the reality of that existence by using any means. At that moment, sometimes we try to relate this concept with scientific subject & sometimes we assign this with the religious aspect & still we are not very much sure about the on-going war among these different related disciplines. As we move further, we become aware of the term needs/desires; which are primary & secondary.


Human needs or, more simply, existential needs are somehow working in regard with us & it is those needs that keep us & all the things that exist in a manner of motion, which is the basic principle of existence in general. Apparently, we have made some needs or requirements of standard which depends on the external influence & circumstances & there are some needs/desires which are innate our nature. Both types of needs/desires have to be fulfilled, as we & our social as well as economical system have now assigned this task as the only crucial purpose of life, in order to exist at all with happiness.


All the developments in the fields of science, architecture, archaeology, mathematics, literature, sociology or economics etc are the by-products of the logic of fulfilling the existential needs which is the ultimate truth as well as the abstract end of everything. If we suppose that it is really the needs or the existence that matters then how can we incorporate the idea of free will, love, freedom, hope, belief & the courage of going beyond the possibilities? Now, if we consider the concept of desires/needs positively then, we can answer that why we sometimes & still are paused on certain issues of acquiring the real success or finding the real meaning in life & feeling that it is not applicable to apply the notion of motion in our lives!


Assuming the existential needs are the real obstructions in the way of achieving certain goals or targets in our lives then, how can we do ignore or eliminate this perspective of absolute need from our lives? It is, indeed, very difficult to annihilate needs/desires & all the things that are related to these but, it is quite possible to control or to master our desires in our self. As the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche has described this concept very precisely, this so called life is something that has to be overcome & it is like a bridge extending from animalism to the super humanism & only by mastering in one self or in the existential perspectives, we can achieve, overcome or cross that kind of bridge in our lives without any limitations & that is & should be the ultimate & the real meaning in life!


But, we can’t live or exist without our needs or desires/sensations because these are the things that give colour to our lives, our existence somehow. Also, if we look into the scientific manner, we can reckon that everything in this system of living is dependable & is connected with the nature as everything have the basic origin; matter or energy. Without fulfilling each other’s needs/desires or working & considering without other things of our universe, we can never survive or achieve whatever we are going to in the near future.


So, at the end, we have come across a general question that how can we, at this point of considering the existential issues, control our behaviour of demand & fulfilling our needs/desires without thinking about the apparent reality & can have an aspect of control in every manner of our existence in order to become the advance & the loving species of the universe, that have some meaning in their lives & are not void of any purpose?

(References can be provided upon request!)

Written & Conceptualised by Junaid Jabbar

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