Interesting Links


These are few interesting links which I have found over the internet with the consideration of the top and the famous ones! 


The Mysterious Minoans

an influential civilization in the Aegean Sea between 3000-1500 B.C.
Sumerian Artifacts
the largest collection of SA online

Ancient Egyptian
history and language links

Weapons and warfare in the late Helladic time 1600-1100 BC
3D Ancient Buildings and Architecture
virtual museum allows you to explore ancient wonders by walking through them or manipulating them in real time web 3D online
Celtic Kingdoms
Interesting information about early british kingdoms
Ancient Egypt Online

...peoples of Ancient Egypt. They did not call their home "Egypt" (that name is based on the Greek pronunciation of 1...

An Overview of the Ancient Egyptian Religion
overview,Deities,many photos
Medieval Bestiary
animal in the Middle Ages -great,very interesting img-s
Virtually the Ice Age
very interesting site about the Ice Age
Egyptian Kings
Pharaohs, Governors and other Rulers
timemaps and other info
Museum of Liverpool

Living with the Romans

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Body sistems and illnesses
Animations about body sistems and illnesses.Very interesting.
good explanation of Reiki
Anatomica 3D: Musculoskeletal System

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Tragedies to remember

Original Perl Harbor photos

must be somebody 's private pictures they saved all this time.

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Panoramical photos

Versailles New!
another point of view
Chateau de Chenonceau
Virtual visit to the castle
Rio de Janeiro

view from Corcovado and many other panoramical photos

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Killer Lizard Attacks News Man
You would think this lizard had 5 inch teeth and eagle claws New!
Jaguar vs. Anaconda and other films
Incredible.The fight Jaguar - Anaconda.Link to other films.
Educated earth/Videos
the same Jaguar hunting a gigant fish and other interesting films
Octopus escaping through a 1 inch hole
Not new but interesting
Planet vids

many interesting videos of different categories

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Fitness with yoga
The Yoga Encyclopedia (assanas in photos)
Yoga Online
free quality material,
Ashtanga Yoga
An advanced Ashtanga Yoga practitioner from Germany offers an insight into his personal practice.
Sivananda Yoga
The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers
Kundalini Yoga
FREE On-Line Kundalini Yoga Training
My Yoga online


Articles on meditational techniques
Yoga journal
the dayly dose of inspiration
ABC of Yoga
Why practice yoga
Advanced Yoga Techniques
video explanations of Yoga-exercises
step-by step-yoga
Yoga Asana List - Click and learn
many asanas,but the flash are too smal
Yoga Meditation
very complet information
Sun salutation

step by step

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A Research Guide for students
all the necessary tools for students to conduct research
Universal Leonardo
Really great site and very interesting scienfifical games

research site for students

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Today's Date
Today's date in different calendars
Aztec Calenda

Our Planet Earth From Space
Meteosat images,weather
Screamer Radio
This radio records WMP's chanals
Link2Link Exchange
A free links exchange blog.A free online marketing tool for webmasters and bloggers

interactive atlas

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human evolution
this is a serious site. human skull Explore our evolutionary adventure from the earliest ape to our modern man
Archaeology Magazine
Archeological institute of America
Council for British Archaeology
to involve people in archaeology and to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment
Biblical Archeology
Archeology and the Bible
the Official Website for Dr. Zahi Hawass
Very-very interesting things,completly new too
Archaeology clips

News in Archaeology

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The State Hermitage
museum in St Petersburg New!
The Art of the Ancient Kingdoms
history of the art
comprehensive archives of every conceivable type of academic material and resources
Louvre Museum official site
World Myths and Legends in art
Myths are stories that explain why the world is the way it is.
Virtual Museum
the Metropolitan Museum of Art
The National Gallery, London
interesting on-line collection
Olga's Gallery
great collection of pictures
Tretjakov Gallery pictures

Some of the most famous names of this gallery

Asian art
traditional and modern Asian art
art of Goya
Renaissance Connection

art explorer -very interesting

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Entries on the men and women who appear in myths and legends
can be found here New!
ancient Greek mythology.
a comprehensive guide to the gods (theoi), spirits (daimones), fabulous creatures and monsters (theres)
encyclopedia of mythology
six geographical regions:
Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania.
Imaginary Beings in Turkish Mythology
fantastical creatures that populate the culture of today's Turkey.

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Edgar Allan Poe
short stories
Academy for Ancient Texts
The sole purpose of this website is to provide the largest on-line library of ancient texts in the world
a "classic" short story
I like to read short stories
the Bhagavad-Gita
translations in many languages
Complete Works of Shakespeare
Not only Shakespeare
Brothers Grimm:Fairy tales

original Germanic folktales

The Mark Twain Library

some of the works

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Play games club
Play online flash games NEW!
Open Source Games for Windows
index of sites
office games
...I like them.
Those stupid games
Games for moms

Free internet games

Donut games
play for free
Fingertime Free Games
I like them
Game scene:Word spell
not bad

many free games

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American Sign Language Manual Alphabet
Desktop Wallpaper: 1280x1024 pixels
FSI Language Courses
language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute
generate a nickname? Do you need a domain name, a name for your child, company, pet or band? Use this random word generator to generate new words or change existing ones.
Russian Alphabet
good enough to study
Egyptian Name Translator
Fun program for those who wants to write in hyrogliphics
Your Name in Chinese
your name in chinese,appunto.Unfortunatelly mein name is not in database.....
Your name in arabic
and other languages
Name in Arabic
this is better
English Is So Hard
interesting sentences in English
Languages of the World
Realy interesting things about languages
English Grammar

English Grammar Reference and Exercises
Before You Know It
Free Language Software
Etymological Dictionary
what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago
most alphabets and other writing systems currently in use
Schola latina
I like this site very much
Personal Translator



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Shaolin Martial Arts
A site about a good martial art school in South Africa
Muscle Exercise Encyclopedia Instructions

Splendid explanation of what and how to do for every group of muscls

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National Geographic News
Reporting Your World Daily
Game -complet the map
Maps and facts about different countries
Strange img-s

seen on the Google maps

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The singing dictionary
good site with musik to hear
The Beatles
many-many klips
YouTube -Blyadi (no porno)
translation for russians: Родина, о, Родина! Всех милее Родина! Благодатная земля, Славься, Родина моя, Твои горы высоки Звёзд небесных подиум, Песнь мою тебе дарю, Дорогая Родина!
"The Wind Cries Mary" by Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix in video
Pink Floyd Videos
the newest Pink Floyd Music website

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